Dynamic Shitoryu Karate is suitable for all Shitoryu Karateka whether they are beginners, advanced students or coaches. This standard work offers assistance to all Shitoryu practitioner, whether they are beginners or advanced students, pupils or coaches. Starting with history of Shitoryu Karate with some rare photos of Master Kenwa mabuni as well as Master Kenei Mabuni Sensei and Manzo Iwata Sensei. The most important Kihon techniques, the various way of performing techniques and basic Katas as well as 4 shitoryu mandatory katas are described in detail. This is a complete package for anyone who wishes to improve themselves in this martial art.
There are approximately 1400 photographs and graphics and detailed descriptions, which allow a deeper understanding of the Kata and Kihon of Shitoryu Karate and it should be easy now for the Karateka to be able to improve himself in his routine training, grading tests and competitions.

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