Dynamic Shitoryu Karate by A. Tanzadeh

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Sensei-Claude-LaroucheI already received my book Dynamic Shitoryu from Renshi Tanzadeh.
It was a great pleasure to share the knowledge of a man with a big heart and passionate for his art of karate.
Information Inside this book is magic for beginner and advance students
If you want to understand more about the story of Shitoryu-Karate -Do you have to read this great book.
Its was a great moment sharing it with my close friend Yves Lavigne UFC Refree and 5th Dan in Shito-Ryu Karate -Do.
I want to say thank you for this book, it will help many Karate-ka in the world.

Shihan Claude Larouche
Technical director of Shitoryu Karate Quebec
Shitoryu Karate Canada, Co-Founder
Sensei-Nasir-Uddin"Dynamic Shitoryu Karate" is Definitely by far the most comprehensive, detailed, book on Shitoryu Karate starting from the History, to the Basics, including Junior to Senior Kata’s along with additional information and never before seen rare photos (470 Pages). A MUST have book for all practitioners of Shitoryu Karate regardless of level, and even for those who practice another styles of Karate. I am very proud of my Sensei - Renshi A. Tanzadeh 7th Dan WSKF, to dedicate so much time and effort in creating such a wonderful book. I would also like to congratulate my fellow SKC family members Sensei’s Saeid Arian Tanzadeh, and Sensei Javier Flores as assistants in the demonstrations of techniques in this book. Renshi Tanzadeh is certainly a wealth of knowledge. With the greatest Respect – Oss!

Sensei Nasir Uddin
6th Dan Black Belt W.S.K.F Certified (World Shitoryu Karatedo Federation)
Chief Instructor of Shitoryu Karatedo & Fitness Centre
Hanchi Patrick McCarthyHere are three new and wonderfully informative publications that I hope you will be interested in obtaining:

#1. Shotokan Transcendence by Yokota Kousaku
#2. Dynamic Shitoryu Karate by A. Tanzadeh
#3. Karate-Do by Miyagi Chojun [by Humberto Nuno de Oliveira & Eduardo Cunha Lopes]

Hanshi Patrick McCarthy
Director of the International Ryukyu Karate Research Society
Sensei-Andy-HourahineHonoured and excited to receive my personal copy of Dynamic Shito Ryu Karate from Sensei Tanzadeh today! An amazing resource for any ‪Martial‬ ‪Artist‬ ‬ based on a lifetime of study of ‪Karate‬. Thank you!

Sensei Andy Hourahine
Chief Instructor/Owner at Hourahine's Martial Arts
Owner/Director at Force Productions
Producer at The Active City
Sensei-Maryam-KermaniI was overwhelmingly honoured to receive a signed copy of "Dynamic Shitoryu Karate" from my great Sensei today!! This will be my motivational and an inspirational book of life which will definitely help me to be better and better in my Karate journey....Thank you so very much for sharing your 40 years experience and knowledge with us! Mission is greatly accomplished......Although I am sure many more will come! Feeling gratitude ! OSS

Sempai Maryam Kermani
Shitoryu Karate Ontario/Shitoryu Karate Canada
Sensei-David-GriffinSpecial thanks to Sensei Tanzadeh for presenting me a copy of his new book... Dynamic Shitoryu Karate. This will be a great training resource for the Windsor Karate Club and Shitoryu Karate Nova Scotia.

Shihan David Griffin
Shitoryu Karate Nova Scotia, Technical Director and Chairman of Referee Committee
Ali-Bokharaeiداینامیک شیتوریو کاراته، کاری کارستان از استاد تن زاده گرامی.این کتاب که حاصل بیش از چهل سال تحقیق و پژوهش در کاراته میباشد نه تنها به کلیه شیتوریو کاران بلکه به همه رفقا درسبکهای اصلی کاراته توصیه میکنم.نویسنده کتاب که خود از معدود افراد صاحب نام و فنی کاراته جهان میباشد نکاتی را در این کتاب بسیار با ارزش در نظر گرفته که آن را در نوع خود کم نظیر میسازد.کار گرافیستی این کتاب و خطوطی که جهت حرکت و چرخش بدن با عکاسی ماهرانه نشان داده میشود آنچنان گویاست که برای هر خواننده ای با هر زبان و ملیتی قابل استفاده است. استاد دست مریزاد و خسته نباشید.

Sempai Ali Bokharei
Shitoryu Karate Ontario/Shitoryu Karate Canada
Sensei-Saeid-Arian-TanzadehIt has been a great honor for me to participate in the publishing of Dynamic Shitoryu Karate as the photographer for almost three years.
All the efforts, research and training that Sensei Tanzadeh dedicated himself to during the years to help to promote Karate and shitoryu karate is very well known and acknowledged by everyone.
Dynamic Shitoryu Karate has a different methodology. By using the graphic symbols along with the photographs Sensei Tanzadeh made the understanding of the content of the book extremely easy and precise for the trainers at all levels.
This book is indeed a perfect reference for Shitoryu Karate Do. I strongly recommend that not only Shitoryu Karatekas but also the karatekas in other karate styles will study this book as it is a great and very useful source for karate practitioners in general.
I’m eagerly looking forward to for the next project with Sensei Tanzadeh.

Sensei Saeid Arian
Shitoryu Karate Ontario/Shitoryu Karate Canada

Sensei-AguiarToday I had the great honor to receive the fantastic Book "Dynamic Shitoryu Karate" from Renshi Tanzadeh . This book will revolutionize the world, the first one with an incredible idea. All karateka should have their own.
Thank you so very much Sensei Tanzadeh and congratulations for this excellent job.

Sensei Jose Aguiar
Chief Instructor at Aguiar Karate
Shitoryu Karate - California, USA
Sensei-Daniel-MauI am honoured to own a signed copy of “Dynamic Shitoryu Karate”. It arrived few days ago from Renshi Tanzadeh and I can't stop reading it. This book provides a lot of interesting historical facts about Shitoryu Karate in detail, as well as precise illustrations and explanations of basics and advanced techniques. There is so much to learn from it. I highly recommend it to practitioners of all levels in Shitoryu and serious karateka from all other schools. A must have for every karate enthusiast’s collection.
Thank you and congratulations Renshi Tanzadeh.

Sensei Daniel Mau
5 Dan W.S.K.F. certified
Shitoryu Karate, Adelaide Australia
Sensei-Angelo-Mendoza-TanzadehGetting my book "Dynamic Shito Ryu Karate from Sensei Tanzadeh. Great book! I recommend it to anyone is looking for new information about Shito Ryu. Well done, Sensei! Bushido-Kai Canada students will have a good summer reading.

Sensei Angelo Mendoza
Technical Director of Shitoryu Karate Manitoba
Chief Instructor/Owner at Bushido-Kai
Sensei-Guy-MonyUn super livre, beaucoup de précisions, seulement que de belles photos, très intéressant, pour tous les niveaux de karatékas! Une référence pour le ShitoRyu! Merci et félicitations à Sensei Tanzadeh et son équipe pour la réalisation de ce merveilleux livre!

A great book, a lot of details, just beautiful pictures, very interesting for all levels of karatekas! A reference for Karate Shitoryu! Thank you and congratulations to Sensei Tanzadeh and his team for achieving this fantastic book!

Sensei Guy Mony
Chief Instructor/Owner at Guy Mony Karate
Hanshi-Holley-DwightThis is such a well written book I am so very impressed. Inspirational indeed. Osu!

Holley Dwight, Hanshi 8th Dan
Kokusai Karate Seito Renmei/ Kodo Butoku Renmei
Chief Instructor at the Karate of Japan Federation
Hanshi-Cezar-BorkowskiTreasured gift. With profound thanks to Tanzadeh-Shihan (technical director Shito-ryu Canada) for his wonderful new book. The information, photographs all fuelled by an amazing author/model are world class. Dynamic Shito-Ryu Karate... Highly recommended.

Hanshi Cezar Borkowski
Karatedo and Kobudo, 9th Dan
Director Ryukyu no Kaze International
Founder Northern Karate Schools of Canada

Sensei-Marc-WardI was honored to receive my personally signed copy of Shitoryu Karate from Sensei Tanzadeh. This book will be an excellent resource for all Karate-ka no matter the style from an exceptional instructor. There are many poseurs in the world of Karate who bang there own drums. Sensei Tanzadeh is one of the rare breed of authentic traditional Karate instructors who can back up everything he writes and talks about.

Sensei Marc Ward
President of Karate Alberta
Shotokan Karate South Africa, Board of Director
Shotokan Karate Canada, Technical Director
Sensei-Eduardo-RiverosExcelente presente del Renshi @tanzadeh 100% recomendado una verdadera JOYA Gracias lo vamos a disfrutar mucho "Dynamic Shitoryu KARATE". By A.Tanzadeh.

Thanks Tanzadeh sensei, your book is a real jewel, It will be useful for us, We really appreciate it. Congratulations! It s a very nice work and a good summary on your life in Karate. Very impressive 100% recommended.

Shihan Eduardo Riveros
Shitokai Venezuela, 7th Dan
Pan-American Shitoryu Karate Federation, Referee Committee Chairman
Venezuela Karate Federation, Member of Referee Committee

Shihan-George-TanA well compiled book on ShitoRyu Karatedo that one cannot afford to miss.
Suitable for any Karate student or Instructor. Great Photos made for easy understanding. World ShitoKai is proud to have an author like you.

George Tan-Malaysia
WSKF 8th Dan Renshi
President - Asia Pacific ShitoRyu Karatedo Federation
Sensei-ValadkhaniDas ist ein sehr wertvolles Buch von Sensei Tanzadeh aus Canada, vielen Dank Sensei Tanzadeh.
This is a great technical karate book written by Tanzadeh Sensei.

Amir Valadkhani
A Prüfer DKV
Landesstilrichtungsreferenten in Hessen
Shotokan President in Hessen
Technische Prüfer Hessen
SenseiRakotoVery happy to receive my signed copy of "Dynamic Shitoryu Karate Book". Thank you Tanzadeh Sensei for all the work you do for the promotion of Shitoryu Karatedo, our noble discipline! Well structured book with precious illustrations. Great job from a great man. Good luck and god bless you! Yoroshiku onegai itashimasu!

Sensei John RAKOTO
Shitokai Madagascar
President of International Shitoryu Karatedo Kenshikai (ISKK)
Sensei-Pirooz-VarastehI am Honoured to have received my personal copy of "Dynamic Shitoryu Karate" by not only a Present great friend but also among the top 10 childhood Heroes of mine, the 1st generation students of my Father (Shinan Farhad Varasteh, Father of Iranian Karate).
Renshi Tanzadeh is one of the most detailed Karate Ka's that I have ever known & his book is a perfect example of that. Dear Ahad, I am very Proud of you.

Pick up your copy & see it yourself & remember that Karate is about Perfection & Evolution of all styles, Not about just saying that mine or yours are better than others !!PV;) OSS

Pirooz Varasteh, Kyoshi 6th Dan
KanZen Ryu Karate Do,
Technical Director & Chief Instructor
Thierry-Van-BinstThank you Sensei Tanzadeh for this book. "Dynamic Shitoryu Karate" is really interesting and every Shito Ryu karatekas should have one. I hope that a tome 2 will follow with a lot of katas.

Thierry Van Binst, 5th Dan
ShitoKai Belgium
Issac-Florentine"Definitely the best Karate book ever published on Shito Ryu Karate. An instant classic equal to ' This is Karate and 'Dynamic Karate"

Isaac Florentine
Hollywood Director & Producer
USA representative Shito Ryu Sanshinkan Karate
SempaiLucJe suis très heureux et très fier d’avoir reçu mon livre Dynamic Shito Ryu Karate écrit pr Renshi Allen Tanzadeh. Ce livre est le summum des références en ce qui concerne le karaté traditionnel de style Shito Ryu; et tout adepte d’arts martiaux devrait avoir une copie de cet exceptionnel et magnifique livre dans sa bibliothèque. Merci beaucoup Renshi pour ce sublime ouvrage et pour tout ce que vous apportez à notre grande famille du Shito Ryu Karate Do. Oss!

I am very happy and so proud to have received my Dynamic Shito Ryu Karate book written by Renshi Allen Tanzadeh. This book is the pinnacle of references with regards to traditional Shito Ryu style karate; and any martial arts adept should have a copy of this outstanding and magnificent book in their library. Thank you very much Renshi for this overwhelming work and for all you are bringing to our great Shito Ryu Karate Do family. Oss!

Sempai Luc Périard
Shitoryu Karate Quebec, Larouche Karate
Behzad-EskandarianAls professioneller Trainer und Coach habe ich bereits sehr viele Trainer und Meister kennen gelernt, aber Sensei A. Tanzadeh gehört für mich zu einem der wenigen Karatemeistern, die mit Leib und Seele und mit Fachwissen und Verstand dabei sind. Das Buch ist eine Bereicherung für die Karate-Welt und ein Muss für jeden Karate-Ka!

English: As a professional trainer and coach I have already met a lot of trainers and master, but Sensei A. Tanzadeh is for me one of the few karate masters who are heart and soul and with knowledge and understanding here. The book is a valuable addition to the karate world and a must for every Karate-Ka!

Behzad Eskandarian
5.DAN Shotokan Karate
Business owner and Head Coach of Body & Mind Fitness Germany


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